Cross-border shopping is eggspensive for Canadian farmers

September 20, 2012  |  Eve Lazarus  |  Comments

A fire truck made of egg cartons has been sitting on a busy downtown Vancouver intersection all this week. The BC Egg Marketing Board is hoping the unusual sight will make consumers think twice about where they buy their eggs.

According to the board, cross-border grocery shopping is costing the province’s egg producers approximately $3.1 million every year in lost sales—the equivalent cost of four new fire trucks.

“The egg carton fire truck acts as a visual symbol of the hidden costs of choosing U.S. eggs over B.C. eggs,” said Cosmo Campbell, creative director at DDB Canada, the Board’s agency of record.

The campaign includes online advertising that drives consumers to, a board website housing information on the impact of the much cheaper U.S. eggs on the local economy. Street teams armed with iPads are stationed near the fire truck installation as well to get passersby to visit the site.

Campbell said the campaign hopes to target those who live close to the border and raise awareness of the issue.

A video that filmed the two-day process of creating the fire truck will be released online soon, Campbell said.

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