Dare Foods’ puts a quality spin on Sweet Thins launch campaign

August 09, 2013  |  Michelle DiPardo  |  Comments

Dare Foods is marking the recent launch of its Boulangerie Grissol Sweet Thins with a new multifaceted campaign called “70 Years.”

The snacks have been on supermarket shelves since July, but two TV ads created by Grip Ltd., Dare’s agency of record, are due to begin airing across Canada this week. One of the 30-second spots (which targets Canadians in their mid-thirties) details the care that Dare says goes into making its products.

Kelly McInenly, the brand’s senior director of marketing, said the aim of “70 Years” is to demonstrate the level of commitment and time that goes into creating the company’s fine breads. But there was a product niche concern as well.

“We have a 40% share of the category of fine breads and wanted to add a sweet profile to the category,” McInenly said.

To create Sweet Thins, the company took inspiration from its Melba Toast line. With a similarly toasted texture but with the added twist of using dessert-like loaves such as banana bread or chocolate brownie, the snacks are baked, sliced and then toasted.

In addition to the TV spots that will run on both conventional and specialty channels, other elements of the campaign include digital ads, video pre-roll and promotion on social media.

Passengers on Air Canada domestic flights will also have the opportunity to sample Sweet Thins throughout September and October, and the airline will be running in-flight ads promoting the product.

MEC did the media buy. Ketchum is handling the PR.

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