Download: The Very Necessary Twitter Guide

October 18, 2011  |  Marketing staff  |  Comments

Due to popular demand, Marketing is making most of its “Very Necessary Twitter Guide For Canadian Marketers” available for download.

This version of the editorial package features five pages of exclusive content with socially savvy subject-matter experts such as Jason Sweeney (@sween), Mitch Joel (@mitchjoel), Amber MacArthur (@ambermac) and Ed Lee (@edlee), as well as a straight-forward-but-essential Dos and Don’ts list.

Download “The Very Necessary Twitter Guide for Canadian Marketers” here.

The full Guide, including a Q&A with Ford Motor Company’s Ammar Khan (@ammar_ammar) and insights from Sidneyeve Matrix (@sidneyevematrix) and Donna Antoniadis (@donnaantoniadis), is available only in the Oct. 10 issue of Marketing. Subscribe today.

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