Éduc’alcool launches new tools to help Quebecers monitor drinking

December 17, 2013  |  Michelle DiPardo  |  Comments

Non-profit organization Éduc’alcool has launched two new tools designed to help users control and understand their drinking habits – the Calcoholator, a free smartphone app with an integrated standard drink measure, and the Drink Dashboard, an online tool that allows people to monitor their drinking.

The tools were built by Quebec City-based technology firm Ideali. The non-profit is promoting the responsible drinking tools on social media and have hired PR agency Tact to help spread the word.

Calcoholator allows users to measure the alcoholic volume of different types of drinks, and indicates whether or not it’s a “standard” drink. If not, the app shows how much to remove or add to achieve the correct amount. It also estimates the amount of time people need to wait until their blood alcohol content drops below the legal limit for driving in Quebec. Calcoholator is available in English and French for both Apple and Android devices

Drink Dashboard helps users keep track of their drinking, and features a variety of functions including an analysis of a person’s alcohol intake over a seven-day period. It also provides information regarding the impact of alcohol on health, the definition of a standard drink, calorie content and calorie equivalents in terms of common foods and physical activity.

“We are not trying to make money. We’re just trying to help people make the right decision and make them aware of what standard drinks are so they can follow safe drinking guidelines,” said Hubert Sacy, chief executive of Éduc’alcool.

Montreal-based Éduc’alcool’s members include para-public institutions, alcoholic beverage industry associations and individuals from the public health, education, and journalism sectors.

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