EOS lip balm evolves campaign for Canada

November 21, 2012  |  Evra Taylor  |  Comments

One year after its Canadian debut, EOS lip balm has launched a new campaign by Juniper Park that is designed to attract young fashionistas in the know.

Juniper Park has been EOS’s agency of record in the U.S. since the skin care product line launched three years ago. The Toronto-based agency assumed Canadian marketing duties in December 2011.

With numerous awards in hand, including two consecutive Effies, EOS lip balm has scored not only creative triumphs, but has also garnered a 10% U.S. market share. (EOS has become the number-one lip balm brand in Target’s U.S. stores, surpassing ChapStick and other major brands in the category.)

According to Alan Madill, Juniper Park’s executive creative director, the product is poised to achieve the same success in Canada. “From what we’ve seen so far, Canadian retailers are showing the same excitement. We can see it reaching the similar success in the U.S.”

EOS stands for “Evolution of Smooth,” the campaign’s tag line. The creative features a five-senses approach using fruits and after-dinner mints to underscore the lip balm’s freshness and natural ingredients. The campaign includes print, digital and social media, and in-store merchandising.

The campaign makes much of the product’s unique round container. “We’re able to create environments that the other brands can’t because they use standard lipstick-style packaging,” said Madill. “EOS is all-natural in a beauty package that’s tactile, and when you use the product you get a bit of a smile. When women take it out of their purse, an instant conversation happens because of its distinctive shape.

“The new work is an extension of our previous work for EOS, with refreshed ideas. We’re going against all the multinationals that have a ton of [media] spend. We’re the new players in the market, with less money, so we have to be a lot more breakthrough.”

The campaign is set to run until spring 2013.

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