Honda promotes family time in new campaign

May 01, 2012  |  Carol Neshevich  |  Comments

Honda Canada has launched a widespread campaign to promote its line of power equipment for spring with the help of the Thornhill, Ont.-based agency Tag Idea Revolution.

Honda embarks on a similar campaign every spring season for its power equipment, including lawnmowers, generators and tillers. However, Honda is putting a great deal of energy into online advertising for this as well, which consists of fairly straightforward ads emphasizing the starting prices for the equipment, as well as the high quality you’re getting with a Honda.

Honda positions itself as “top of the line” power equipment, said Gabi Armstrong, executive vice-president at Tag. “They’re at a price point where you’re making a choice to not just invest in equipment that will last a couple of years. You’re investing in a long time.”

A nationally distributed flyer will promotes a contest run through a brand website. The prize is a suite of Honda outdoor products.

Touting reliability and dependability as brand attributes, the new campaign proposes consumers will be able to spend more time with families than with their yards this spring. The tagline “It’s quality time” appears on many of the ads, accompanied by photos of happy families spending time outside.

“We’re saying [with this campaign], ‘look, you’re an intelligent consumer, you understand that you get what you pay for, so get a Honda’,” said Armstrong.

While most Canadian consumers associate the Honda name with cars, not everyone’s aware of the brand’s association with power equipment, said Armstrong, so regular spring campaigns increase the awareness of these products on a yearly basis.

There are four 10-second TV spots running nationally until May 27. The marketing program also includes national radio, direct marketing, dealer POS materials and print ads.

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