HSBC builds brand with bamboo

January 22, 2014  |  Kristin Laird  |  Comments

HSBC Canada has been welcoming travelers to a Bamboo City at Toronto’s Pearson Airport as part of its global “In the future” campaign that speaks to the quickly changing nature of the economy and helps pinpoint emerging trends.

The Canadian arm of the global financial corporation, with help from its creative agency JWT Canada, created an installation consisting of 117 buildings made entirely of bamboo. An overhead mirror offers onlookers a different perspective.

According to a video posted on HSBC’s site, bamboo is an example for profound changes in the economy; bamboo will become increasingly important for builders looking for better and more sustainable materials. Bamboo is attractive for use in construction because it grows quickly and is “stronger than steal cable.” The model Bamboo City is intended to bring this notion to life.

The city was installed at Toronto Pearson Airport Dec. 22 and will remain there until the end of March, hitting two of the busiest travel periods: Christmas and March school holidays.

Cindy Wong, head of marketing at HSBC told Marketing that brand awareness for HSBC is high, but efforts such as Bamboo City allows the bank to “further engage [travelers]” and spark conversation.

Wong said the team threw around several ideas, but Bamboo City was the one that resonated the best.

Wong said HSBC started with Toronto Pearson Airport due to the number of domestic and international travelers. HSBC in Canada will continue to build stories around future trends, she said, and will look at creating other installations for additional airports.

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