Interac looks up, up and away for new campaign

October 03, 2012  |  Rebecca Harris  |  Comments

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a hurried customer using Interac Flash to pay for their latte! A new campaign for Interac Association shows that consumers have super-human powers to get through lineups faster when they use Flash, Interac’s contactless-debit payment solution. With Flash, customers simply hold their Interact debit card in front of a point-of-sale reader—no terminal or PIN required.

Print, out-of-home and online creative, developed by Fuse Marketing Group, features four everyday people wearing home-styled superhero outfits complete with goggles, capes, rubber gloves and shiny tights. Copy includes such lines as “Jump long lines in a single bound” and “Loose change is my Kryptonite.”

Stephen Brown, president at Fuse, said the campaign is meant to be playful and fun. When it comes to marketing a time-saver, “a lot of advertisers might take that and go, ‘you’re saving me time and that means I can spend more time with my kids and my family.’ And that’s one route you can take,” he said.

“We took the other route, which is ‘let’s be playful with it.’ We’re saving you, time but it’s not life-transforming. It’s getting you through 20 seconds faster. And that just means you get to whatever you want to do faster or enjoy the product you’re buying faster.”

Interac Flash is rolling out across Canada and is currently available at select merchants. Transaction limits are set up by consumers’ financial institutions based on the type of purchase. For example, it may be $50 for smaller purchases, while gas and groceries might have a $100 limit. If a purchase is above the set limit, the customer will be promoted to insert their card and input their PIN.

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