Jamieson preaches purity in 2012 campaign

November 30, 2011  |  Matt Semansky  |  Comments

Vitamin manufacturer Jamieson Laboratories has launched a new television spot, kicking off a marketing campaign that will continue throughout 2012.

Jamieson’s “Purity is priceless” campaign began earlier this month with the launch of a television spot that focuses on the company’s sourcing of natural ingredients from around the world. The ad depicts scenes set in New Zealand, Scotland and the meeting point of the Pacific and Arctic ocean, while a narrator explains in voiceover that these locations are the source of ingredients for Jamieson’s Vitamin D, Vitamin C and omega oil products, respectively.

The television creative is the first element in a broader campaign, developed by Toronto agency Quizative, that will roll out through 2012 and include digital and point-of-sale executions and public relations initiatives.

According to Allison Laux, partner and vice-president of strategy and insight for Quizative, the campaign is meant to build a market-leader positioning.

“The other naturally-sourced vitamin companies that are smaller and probably not as well-known have been basing their sales on price promotions, and that’s not something that Jamieson wants to get involved in because the only way to sell at those prices is to manufacture more cheaply,” said Laux.

“I consider our TV spot as a true brand anthem. We’re staking ground and making a promise to consumers that Jamieson is very committed to sourcing the most pure and natural ingredients.”

In addition to television, the spot can be viewed on the Jamieson Laboratories website and Quizative’s YouTube page.

The spot is running in both English and French, with Quizative supplying creative in both languages.

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