John St. shows the spicier side of Wiser’s for Corby

October 10, 2012  |  Kristin Laird  |  Comments

Corby Distilleries has launched a national television campaign from Toronto agency John St. – one part sophistication and one part edgy – for the company’s new Wiser’s Spiced whisky label.

Three 15-second commercials, which appeared on the brand’s website Tuesday and will debut on television next week, use rapid-fire visual snapshots to give viewers a sense of what to expect from the new Spiced whisky.

Wiser’s Spiced “Wood Carver” from unignorable work on Vimeo.

Each ad starts with a young man describing the “uncompromising taste” of the new blend when his words are replaced first by a clip of something refined like a jazz player and a second clip of a Marilyn Manson-like rocker. All three commercials end with the tagline: “That’s Spiced Up.”

The target audience for the new Wiser’s Spiced whisky is males 21-to-25 years of age, which is slightly younger that the brand’s De Luxe label. It was important that the creative reflect the younger demo, said John St. creative director Angus Tucker.

“We tried to think of the sophistication of Wiser’s DeLuxe with a bit of spice of craziness or edge thrown into it,” said Tucker. “I guess it started with visuals that represented sophistication and craft and what would be the corresponding spice or weird version of that.”

The new product is entering a fairly competitive alcohol category.

“We’ve seen several new entrants in Canada over the past year in this relatively young category, so launching Wiser’s Spiced in a truly breakthrough way will be key to it’s success,” said Joe Delvecchio, brand director at Corby Distilleries, in a release.

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