LG’s finger-focused contest promotes latest G2 phone

August 26, 2013  |  Jeff Fraser  |  Comments

To promote its new G2 smartphone’s one-finger-optimized design, LG is asking Canadians what they can do with just one finger.

During a four-week contest created by Publicis, fans are invited to submit photos and videos of themselves doing something exciting with their index finger for a chance to win a G2 phone prior to is planned fall launch. So far fans have shot themselves dangling a bunch of a shopping bags, writing in the sand and playing music on water glasses.


In the leadup to the official G2 launch, LG has been playing hard on its unique rear key controls, which are intended to solve the common gripe that large screens (like the G2′s 5.2″ screen) make it impossible to reach side-mounted volume and power buttons. G2 users can control volume, quick memos and scrolling while using the phone one-handed, and they can also use the rear keys to zoom and take photos with the phone’s 13 MP camera, making self-portraits a little easier.

In extensive market research on smartphone users’ behaviour leading up to the development of the G2, LG found that 55% of consumers think it’s important to be able to control their phone with just one finger.

“This is a key differentiator for us. It comes from consumers’ input,” says Court Elliott, senior manager brand communications, LG Electronics Canada. It’s important for the brand to communicate the consumer-driven purpose of the design in its messaging, he says.

Working with Publicis, Elliott’s team developed the One Finger Challenge to promote the phone through social media, and “have some fun at the end of the day.” He said that since the contest soft-launched last week, LG has already received thousands of entries.

So far, the contest is a Canada-only initiative, but as marketing for the G2 heats up for its global launch, it may well catch on elsewhere.

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