Look At This: A Grizzly way to go

October 09, 2012  |  Eve Lazarus  |  Comments

The Victoria Grizzlies Junior A hockey team has a humorous new print and radio campaign thanks to a unique collaboration between Kommunity, freelancer Alan Russell and Jay Gundzik, who contributed time on his own apart from his duties as senior creative director at Electronic Arts.

Russell said the project is intended to dive into the gap left by the NHL strike.

“The name of the arena is Bear Mountain, so it just made sense from a branding point of view, and Grizzlies seemed a really rich area to go to,” he said.

Print ads show an actual grizzly bear under the heading “Survival tips for the opposition.” In on ad, the copy says, “when encountering a grizzly drop to the ground in a fetal position, you know like a soccer player.” Another execution offers tips for safe retreat.

A radio mimics a 911 emergency call from someone supposedly confronted by a Grizzly. It ends with the operator saying “You do know you have to go out for the next period?”

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