Look At This: Penguin paths in Vancouver

July 16, 2012  |  Eve Lazarus  |  Comments

Locals and tourists on Vancouver’s Stanley Park seawall have been seeing more than the usual footpath signs separating pedestrians from cyclists this summer. Since May, there has been a third symbol for waddling penguins.

The symbol is meant to draw people to the Vancouver Aquarium‘s latest exhibit of African penguins – Penguin Point.

The guerrilla work is part of a campaign from Taxi Vancouver that includes television, print, radio, a Facebook contest and a 3-D billboard. The campaign tagline is “There’s a new bird in town.”

“The main premise of the campaign is that we don’t really notice the indigenous birds but if there’s a new one in town everybody takes notice,” says Matt Bielby, creative director at Taxi. “It occurred to us that penguins have a different method of travel, so we called it the waddle lane.”

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