Molson Export goes back to the land with DraftFCB

June 01, 2012  |  Evra Taylor  |  Comments

DraftFCB Montreal takes a home-spun storytelling approach in its newest campaign for Molson Export, “The Molson Export Hops Story.”

The strategy is based on a “back to its roots” look and feel that focuses on the importance of quality ingredients mixed with quality people.

The web-based campaign features a series of videos that highlight Molson Export’s core values: heritage, quality, history, experience, passion, and tradition.

The videos take the viewer to a ranch in British Columbia where hops growers and brew masters tell the stories of their lives and their craft.

“The branding strategy focuses on re-glorifying beer, all while communicating Molson Export’s core values,” said Claudia Milford, account supervisor at DraftFCB. “We wanted to give nobility back to the beer, putting forward the effort Molson puts into finding the ingredients, the process and the people.”

Anne-Marie Blouin, DraftFCB co-creative director, said the farmers humanize Molson’s often corporate image.

“These are genuinely good people,” Blouin said. “They’re cast out of a ‘feel good’ movie. They care about people and their community, as well as the ingredients and the people who grow them. Molson Export is a guy’s guy beer, but unlike Coors, it’s not a party beer.”

The agency created a dedicated website to tell the tale, There is English and French content on the site.

Two pre-roll videos designed to look like TV trailers are running on major TV websites.

Molson might add print elements and other media down the road, but nothing has been confirmed. Additional web initiatives will also be phased-in over time. The campaign runs until November.

Video production was handled by Fig55.

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