P&G, Zoom Media team up for Tide promo

January 30, 2013  |  Michelle DiPardo  |  Comments

Procter & Gamble and Zoom Media have joined forces to offer fitness enthusiasts free laundry as part of a promotion for Tide Plus Febreze Sport.

The campaign, called “Sweat the workout, not the laundry!” targets female gym goers. Ivana Costantini, senior account director at Zoom Media, said the message behind the campaign is simple.” We wanted to wash people’s actual clothes.”

Zoom Media and P&G partnered with 24 branded and independent fitness venues in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, as well as several laundromats in those cities to take part in the campaign.

After a workout at a participating gym, women are encouraged to put their sweaty gym gear into a mesh laundry bag bearing Tide’s logo, which are then dropped into designated, branded hampers. At the end of the week, an operations team from Zoom Media picks up the laundry and takes it to participating laundromats where the clothes are professionally washed using Tide Plus Febreze Sport.

The clean clothes are returned to the gym the following week along with coupons and a full-size bottle of the product.

The campaign is being promoted through Zoom’s OOH boards, wall, locker and mirror decals in the selected gyms, as well as signage in the laundromats.

Signage for “Sweat the workout, not the laundry!” started appearing in the selected venues on Jan. 14. The campaign will run for four weeks.

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