Premium Plus gets the picture in magazine ad

October 26, 2011  |  Chris Powell  |  Comments

Kraft Canada’s Premium Plus cracker brand is literally in the soup in a unique magazine execution that is part of a broader English and French campaign, “It’s what your soup wants.”

Developed by Kraft’s media agency MediaVest Canada in partnership with Transcontinental Media, the ad is appearing in nearly one million subscriber copies of Canadian Living, Style at Home, Canadian Gardening, Coup de Pouce and Decormag.

The ad consists of a sticker bearing an image of Premium Plus crackers affixed to a photo accompanying a soup recipe. When peeled off the page, the sticker directs readers to the website, where they can find additional soup recipes and product information.

“It acts as a point of interruption and leverages editorial content to pique curiosity and inherently link soup and our crackers,” said Melissa Grant, senior brand manager for Premium Plus crackers. “By using a captive audience of readers already looking at soup recipes, it acts as a reminder to use Premium Plus with soup and increases awareness of other Premium Plus varieties.”

According to a Transcontinental representative, the idea arose from planning sessions between the company’s national account manager, Monique Hourd, and a MediaVest Canada representative.

“We are always open to exploring creative uses for print that will capture the reader’s attention and add value to their experience,” said Janice Davidson Pressick, senior specialist, marketing and communications, for Transcontinental Media in Toronto.

Asked about the apparent melding of advertising with editorial content, Pressick said: “It marries nicely with the editorial and is not much different than running a bind-in insert over the editorial magazine page or a pop-up blocker over an article online.”

“We are so pleased to be working with an open-minded agency like MediaVest, which appreciates the importance of providing unique campaigns that are so well suited to our editorial,” said Lynn Chambers, group publisher with Transcontinental.

The ad was created by Sharpe Blackmore Euro RSCG.

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