RIM plummets on global Interbrand report

October 02, 2012  |  Canadian Press  |  Comments

The good news: BlackBerry still has a place on a list of the globe’s most valuable brands. The bad news: it just plummeted to near the bottom of said list.

Interbrand said Tuesday in its latest report that BlackBerry is now 93 on its list of 100 most valuable global brands, down from 56 in 2011.

The top three spots on Interbrand’s Best Global Brands report for 2012 are held by Coca-Cola, Apple and IBM.

Both Coca-Cola and IBM were unchanged from the positions they held in 2011, while Apple jumped to No. 2 from No. 8 “thanks to stellar sales in both developed and emerging markets,” Interbrand said in a release.

The big drop by Blackberry, brand name for products produced by Research In Motion, followed a drop last year to 56 from 54 in 2010. BlackBerry was 63 in 2009.

Interbrand noted that BlackBerry shipments are down 41% in the past year and the brand’s market share now stands at 4.8% globally, compared with 11.5% a year ago.

“In order to survive, the brand must clearly demonstrate its relevance and value in today’s crowded smartphone market,” said Alfred DuPuy, managing director, Interbrand Canada.

“If BlackBerry can deliver a truly innovative experience designed for today’s mobile professional, it will send the message that the brand is committed to the B2B market on which it had originally built its success.”

Research In Motion has been plagued by product launches that have received only tepid responses and has faced delays in bringing products such as BlackBerry 10 to market.

See Interbrand’s list of Canadian brands here

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