Seek and ye shall find fashion in new Winners experiential stunt

September 13, 2013  |  Alicia Androich  |  Comments

Hunting for fashionable finds in the racks at Winners has become a popular retail ritual, and now the company is taking the experience to the streets for shoppers in Quebec.

Winners has just rolled out an experiential campaign called “Find Big, Score Big” that marries the excitement around that hunt with social media. The campaign, created by Toronto’s John St. (which won Winners’ creative assignment last year), centres on a massive treasure hunt.

Fashionistas are getting clues about the whereabouts of large-scale replicas of coveted Winners items that have been placed throughout Quebec. Hints can be found on the company’s Facebook page and a campaign microsite. The installations range from a huge black moto jacket to a seven-foot-tall black high-heeled shoe.John St. executive creative director Angus Tucker called the event “a fabulous treasure hunt” in a release.

Fans twho find one of the designer installations are being asked to take a picture of it to share via Instagram or Twitter using a related hashtag they receive through Facebook clues and on the actual installation. (One such hashtag is #WINNERSFabFindMTLPlateau, for example.)

Tucker said there are thousands of designer prizes to be won across 26 cities and 38 installations. The first three people to discover the Big Find installation will win designer items valued at up to $1,000 from Winners. The next 25 will receive a $25 Winners gift card.

The event runs until Sept. 24. Awareness for the campaign is being built in French and English on TV and radio, as well as paid media on Twitter and Facebook. Grayson did the radio work, the TV component was produced by Fort York and Giraffe Communications is doing PR. Smak created the installation pieces and supported the campaign on the ground in Quebec.

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