Sleep Country says ‘sweet dreams’ to BlissDom bloggers

October 22, 2012  |  Rebecca Harris  |  Comments

Sleep Country Canada wanted to get intimate with female bloggers (an influential group when it comes to home products), so it sponsored BlissDom 2012, a social media gathering for women that brought together bloggers, experts, brands and agencies in Toronto this past weekend.

During registration day on Oct. 19, Sleep Country held the “Pillow Talk with Sleep Country’s Sleep Experts” event, created by the Toronto-based Fuse Marketing Group. During the event, Sleep Country handed out free pillows to conference attendees. It had staff on hand to answer product questions, offer sleep tips and help attendees choose between one of three pillows.

Christine Magee, president of Sleep Country Canada, was also on site to chat with bloggers.

“For us, this was a great opportunity to connect and meet the community and be part of it,” said Magee, adding Sleep Country handed out pillows to each of the nearly 500 attendees. “We think it’s very relevant for us have to have our product there, to have the bloggers engage in the experience of choosing their pillows and have the opportunity to give us feedback.”

Magee called the event “a tremendous success” based on analytics that involve “understanding those individuals that actually talked about the product and whether or not our involvement made any impact on them.”

Sleep Country promoted the event on its Facebook page and Twitter account.

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