Sobey’s responds quickly to fishy Facebook issue

October 19, 2012  |  Canadian Press with files from Marketing staff  |  Comments

A Facebook posting of a dead fish has prompted grocery retailer Sobeys to pull whole Atlantic salmon from 84 stores in Atlantic Canada.

Company spokeswoman Cynthia Thompson said the “product advisory” was in response to a consumer’s concern about sea lice allegedly found on a fish said to have been bought at a Sobeys outlet in Truro, Nova Scotia.

She said someone posted a picture of a salmon allegedly infected with sea lice on a Facebook page.

In an interview Thursday, Thompson said the purge will affect a few dozen fish.

Though Sobeys hasn’t verified the complaint, Thompson says the company wants to err on the side of caution.

The timing of the social media issue coincidentally overlaps with the launch of a new Sobeys marketing campaign that uses the store’s fish supply chain to demonstrate its transparent policies on product sourcing.

An online video ad that featured East Coast fishermen working for the company has been removed from YouTube.

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