Telus tunes in to customer care with new campaign

September 04, 2012  |  Eve Lazarus  |  Comments

Telus is addressing customer pain points with a series of ads stating “We’re hanging on your every word.”

The campaign, by Taxi Vancouver, is an evolution of the “We hear you” message that launched last year to communicate the company’s “customer’s first strategy” which focuses on improving customer experience, said Rachael Mens, director of marketing communications for Telus in Burnaby, BC.

In the most recent ad, a prim and proper family of four sits on a couch listening to the father complain about paying extra for HD channels on Optik TV.

“We wanted to find a family who normally would not swear or raise their voice,” said Kevin Barclay, executive creative director at Taxi Vancouver. “We spent a day trying to think of curse words that were inoffensive, yet unexpected, so brown bananas made the cut out of about 60.”

Mens said this is the third ad that follows the problem/solution format.

The first, “nasty clown,” focused on customer’s gripe with autocorrect texting and provided them with learning centres, while the second, which also launched this month, focused on how customers can upgrade their mobile device at anytime.

“Consumers are always giving feedback,” said Mens, adding that they’ve added a section to its website that makes it easier for subscribers to share their ideas.

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