Tourism BC brings ski snow to T.O.

October 15, 2012  |  Comments

An early snowfall hit Toronto Thursday, thanks to a marketing campaign from Tourism BC. The organization launched its “Ski BC Challenge,” a virtual ski race complete with snow, wind, trees and the smell of the great outdoors.

The interactive ski experience takes place inside a branded, glassed-walled truck set up in downtown Toronto on Oct. 11 and 12, and at the Toronto Ski, Snowboard and Travel show on Oct. 13.

Participants had the chance to win one of 300 ski lift tickets at one of British Columbia’s 13 ski resorts. Participants were also be able to meet—and possibly compete against—2010 Olympic Gold Medallist Ashleigh McIvor.

“We’re looking to sell the dream of skiing in B.C. and to motivate people to learn more about a ski vacation,” said Carol Nelson, executive director of marketing at Tourism BC. “Toronto is a really high potential market for us, and it’s just really just a fun way to bring the ski experience of British Columbia to Toronto.”

The microsite houses information on the 13 destination resorts, as well as snow conditions, trail maps and special offers.

The Ski BC Challenge kicks off Tourism BC’s $1.55 million “Ski It to Believe It” campaign, developed in collaboration with Canada’s West Ski Areas Association, which includes representatives from B.C.’s 13 ski resorts.

The campaign runs until March 2013.

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