Toys “R” Us invites Zig over to play

September 29, 2009  |  Jeromy Lloyd  |  Comments

Toys “R” Us wants to play house with it’s new agency of record, Zig, a shop that’s determined to make sure the chain’s in-store communication matches its mass market advertising.

Following a review of four agencies, including incumbent Quiller & Blake Advertising, Toys “R” Us chose the Toronto and Chicago-based Zig in July to oversee marketing for its main brand and the offshoot Babies “R” Us name.

“They’ve got some terrific retail experience and insight with their work with Ikea and Best Buy. They have a lot of credentials,” said Liz MacDonald, vice-president, marketing and store planning for Toys “R” Us.

Since winning the account, Zig has created some radio advertising, but is focusing on larger-scale brand marketing for 2010. Its key insight is that toys are tools for imagination.

Its relationship with the client has also expanded beyond mass market advertising to include internal and in-store branding. MacDonald says Zig is examining the store’s themed sections, or “worlds,” to maximize consumers’ brand experience.

“We’re looking at the entire store, all departments, making sure the brand positioning we’ve developed comes to life throughout the store,” said Christian Mathieu, Zig’s managing director. “We need to live it at store level, not just in our communications.”

“You’re not going to see Toys “R” Us become a different entity,” MacDonald said, “but I think we’re going to get better than we’ve been.”

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