TVO launches “Smart Kids Now. Smart Adults Later” campaign

October 29, 2012  |  Alicia Androich  |  Comments

What do you want to be when you grow up? TVO, Ontario’s publicly owned television station, launched a campaign Monday promoting the broadcaster’s multiplatform tools that make answering that question – and getting that job later in life – easier.

The “Smart Kids Now. Smart Adults Later” fundraising campaign prompts Ontarians to donate to TVO’s educational resources that help kids learn beyond their classroom and prepare them for the workforce. Based on the Ontario curriculum, these resources are built to prepare youngsters for kindergarten and supplement what kids aged five to 11 learn at school.

The campaign tries to create awareness about microsite – which provides information about web games, apps and programs TVO offers kids and allows visitors to make a financial contribution.

TVO wants the campaign to accomplish three things, said Jill Javet, TVO’s vice-president of communications and marketing: to raise awareness that TVO does something unique compared to other media groups; make the public aware that TVO needs help to keep doing what it does; and get donations to support TVO’s educational media tools.

Rather than do the sort of mass media campaign that TVO typically does near the end of the year that promotes the brand and specific programming, Javet said the “Smart Kids Now. Smart Adults Later” campaign will help educate Ontarians about what sets TVO apart. For instance, while TVO is a trusted Canadian media brand for kids, many people still don’t know that TVO kids’ content “is designed to build essential reading, math and science skills kids need now, so they can be successful in the future,” said Javet.

The campaign will also help boost the currently low awareness that TVO needs donations even though it is mainly funded by the Ontario government.

“In an Ipsos Reid survey last year, less than 50% of Ontarians were aware that TVO is a registered charity that relies on donor support,” said Javet.

Created by Leo Burnett, the campaign includes 15- and 30-second TV spots that are airing on U.S.-based channels that Rogers and Cogeco carry. It also includes print, online and transit advertising. ZenithOptimedia handled the media buy.

TVO is also using the Twitter hashtag #TVOsmartkids and its Facebook presence to create awareness about the campaign, which will run until March 2013.

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