Visa Canada targets young adults with fraud campaign

February 27, 2013  |  Kristin Laird  |  Comments

March is Fraud Prevention Month and Visa Canada has launched a series of online videos to educate young adults on the risk of sharing personal and financial information online.

The first video in “The Concert” choose-your-own-adventure series starts with a guy asking his friend to text his credit card information so he can purchase tickets to a concert. The video ends by giving the viewer two options: send the information or buying the tickets yourself. The next video in the series depends on the answer the viewer has given.

The campaign is based on the findings of an online survey conducted by Fabrizio Ward on behalf of Visa Canada. The survey found that young adults (18-34) take more risks with their personal and financial information than any other age group, said Michael D’Sa, head of payment system security at Visa Canada.

Nearly half (45%) reported taking risks such as loaning their card to someone or sharing their payment card information over email, phone or text.

The credit card company has been launching initiatives around Fraud Prevention Month since its inception seven years ago, said D’Sa. Each year Visa uses the survey results to alter the theme and focus of the March campaign. Past campaigns have focused on seniors, retailers and law enforcement.

Visa Canada is using social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter as well as a dedicated fraud prevention microsite to promote the video.

Last Frame Pictures handled production for the videos. Jordan Heidendahl handled art direction.

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