What to watch for at Trendwatching.com’s upcoming seminar

September 21, 2012  |  Comments

Next week’s Trend Seminar presentation by Trendwatching.com, a global leader in spotting emerging consumer trends and insights, is set to forecast some the ebbing and flowing of consumer attitudes on a number of topics. Marketing has outlined some of the topics that will be explored at Monday’s session, but the organization has since released its September briefing, which it describes as “12 mini trends to run with now.”

Here’s a quick peek at what they foresee as trends emerging around the world this month:

Tech Domestics

Specifically examining new alarm clock products (Winter Wake Up and Uniqlo Wake Up) that recently hit the market, Trendwatching.com says “the ‘Internet of Things’ is finally becoming reality, and what better way to deliver on this tech trend than introducing applications that really serve consumers, like proper ‘tech domestics’.”


“Custowners are consumers who move from passively consuming a product towards actually funding/investing, if not owning a stake, in the brands they buy from. However, these increasingly business-savvy audiences are often looking for both a financial and an emotional return, and therefore only brands that are open, friendly, honest, trusted, transparent, and somewhat ‘human’ will find themselves able to attract enthusiastic Custowners.” Trendwatching’s evidence? Buitengewone Varkens and Circle Up, among others.

One Touch Wonder

“For truly time starved consumers, nothing beats the simplicity and convenience of ordering or paying with a single touch, swipe, tap or button press… The question brands need to answer: is what you offer integral or valuable enough to your customers to award One Touch Wonder status to?” Take a look at Evian’s Smart Drop and Red Tomato Pizza’s fridge magnet.

Marketing has partnered with Trendwatching.com to give away a free ticket to its Toronto Trend Seminar on Monday, Sep. 24. For a chance to win, Visit our Facebook page and post an argument for a consumer trend or brand innovation that you think will broadly affect business in 2013. Marketing‘s editors will choose the most compelling, well-argued case and award a seat at the event.

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