Watch This: A better kind of icy drive (Canadian Tire)

December 31, 2013  |  Jeromy Lloyd  |  Comments

Ice is the bane of winter driving, but it’s being used creatively for the latest leg of Canadian Tire‘s “Tested For Life in Canada” campaign. To test a battery’s winter credentials (and make a run at a world record), the home retailer has built a truck made mostly of ice.

The truck is featured in a spot demonstrating the Motomaster Eliminator battery’s ability to start in cold weather. The ad will debut Jan. 1 during the NHL’s 2014 Winter Classic (alongside a making-of online film), but the minute-long spot can be viewed now on the company’s website.

Marketer Shortlist 2013: Canadian Tire Corporation

Aside from the engine, wheels and a few other key components, the truck was made entirely of ice by the Ontario-based Iceculture. To build some awareness for the vehicle and its campaign, it was taken on a brief, slow test drive from Iceculture’s facility around the town of Hensall – a feat Canadian Tire said was a bid for a world record.

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