Watch This: Nobody remembers those who were average (L’Oreal)

November 29, 2013  |  Jeromy Lloyd  |  Comments

L’Oréal released its first NHL Life video Thursday, part of a series of short documentary-style films of NHLers for its Men Expert brand.

Montreal’s P.K. Subban is the first subject to be revealed, though the project’s website shows we’ll also see profiles of coaches, general managers, league executives, veterans and prospective players.

“We felt we needed to connect with men in a different way,” said Pascal Desroche, L’Oréal’s marketing director, in an interview with Marketing earlier this week. “The [challenge] is not only to sell our products, it’s also making sure that the category is better known. One of the most efficient ways to talk to men is through sports, connecting with them through the strong [affinity] they have with hockey.”

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