Watch This: Pick them back up (P&G)

January 07, 2014  |  David Brown  |  Comments

For the London Olympics in 2012, P&G brilliantly turned moms into heroes (and generated more than a few tears and phone calls home) with this heartwarming spot.

And now they’re doing it again, celebrating the commitment and dedication of athletes’ moms around the world. This time, it’s for the games of snow and ice just ahead of the Sochi Olympics.

The new two-minute film, “Pick Them Back Up,” is part of a much larger “Thank You Mom” campaign that demonstrates P&G’s commitment to moms. Last fall there was a series of short films (like this and this) for example.

The company will send moms of Olympians from more than 20 countries to the Sochi Games and, according a release, all moms of Canadian athletes will receive “a special package filled with her favourite P&G products from brands like Tide, Crest and Swiffer, as well as a brand new 8-inch tablet, which will help moms stay in touch and focused on their child even if they are almost 10,000 kilometres away.”

Nice touch.

All really smart marketing bound to derive some brand affinity from those moms, to be sure, but this spot is what will be talked about around the world and generate goodwill for every person who remembers their mother helping them up when they fell down.

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