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October 11, 2013  |  Comments

From sexism to sensational TV, here’s what we learned this week

Burger King is renovating its thinking

Part of the fast food chain’s recent agency switch involved a new way of approaching customer communications – shifting from demographic to psychographic targeting. There’s lots of market share for Canada’s fourth-largest burger chain to chase. Will the new approach work? Read More

Expect more FX

FX Canada wants to bolster the $1.4 million ad revenues it made last year, and strengthen its brand in Canada. It’s meeting with broadcasters to launch a stronger channel presence, and it has the ammunition to make it happen: a strong lineup and, arguably, the best drama on television. Read More

Gender still matters, and often for the wrong reasons

The comments we’ve received from our week-long series on gender issues and equality are a mix of horror stories and inspiration. Women of all ages and from various parts of the industry still experience sexist and uneven reactions from men. But our panel of experts suggests how this could change.

Marketing‘s Gender Issues series
Women in advertising on today’s challenges
• What has changed the most?
• Maddening firsthand encounters with sexism
• Where to from here?
• Important advice from industry leaders

Chunky is getting more manly

While women still decide most of the grocery purchases, Campbell Company of Canada wants to beef up its manly appeal. With new “pub-inspired” soup varieties, it’s put a gravel-voiced, mustachioed “psyguyatrist” at the head of its new campaign. Read More

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