Weekend Essentials – Feb. 7, 2014

February 07, 2014  |  Comments

Here’s what we learned this week…

Some brands still don’t understand that social isn’t about sales

According to Cloud AdAgent’s Peter Coish, treating social media like another one-way broadcast channel is just asking for trouble. In the marketing arms race, you have to understand your arsenal, and blasting a sales message on Facebook will always lead to a misfire.
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Bud’s red lights have wings

Budweiser is really pushing hard with its Red Lights program (developed by Anomaly), taking them from the home to the arena and now to the skies. It’s been nice to see people talking in more positive tones lately about Canadian beer advertising. Between Bud, Molson, Kokonee and a handful of others, the cynicism that dominated the last 10 years-worth of ads seems to be turning into appreciative applause.
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In the age of celebrity endorsement, don’t overlook the artist

Granted, there’s some overlap between Hollywood’s A-list and pure-play “artists,” but marketing history is rife with collaborations with the Warhols, Murakamis and Harings of the world. Mark Tungate explains that luxury brands – which often try to be a part of capital-c Culture – can especially benefit from such partnerships.
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Time to put CMOs at the fore

Marketing has always been lucky to get top-tier talent on its advisory boards. In keeping with our renewed focus on brand marketers, we’ve skewed our new board a bit and stacked it with the country’s top CMOs. Take a peek at who’s at the table.
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