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White Ribbon campaign confronts definitions of manhood


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I think that one gender suggesting the other ‘redefine’ the other, all the while ignoring the FACTS that women are equally violent in domestic reality, is just a wee bit specious and ingenuous.
Time true responsibility is taken by these feel-goody ‘men’ fem-leaders, so blinded my their choice in ignorance… that would help all people, and BEGIN to solve the problem.
Read up ‘dudes’ men and their children suffer equally via women perpetrators, ALSO. Just not P.C. is it?

Saturday, January 05 @ 11:37 pm | Reply


When I saw these posters, I didn’t even get what it was for. This is a total swing and a miss. What is going on with all this bad creative??? No wonder tactics and data rule the day.
This stuff is so vin ordinaire. And the idea of encouraging men to hug men is typical of something only men would come up with… by of course, bringing the focus back to themselves! The idea of having another man give them a pat on the back for being so self-aware…a real non-sequitur to what is the much more important issue.

Thursday, December 06 @ 11:22 pm | Reply


There’s really nothing shocking about saying feelings are for chicks or put her in her place. For shock factor you have to physically assault common sense. These ads don’t.

Thursday, December 06 @ 11:40 am | Reply