Wine Country Ontario campaign lures vino lovers to wine country

June 21, 2012  |  Eve Lazarus  |  Comments

Wine Country Ontario (WCO) has launched an outdoor, print, public relations and social media campaign that targets a 25- to 45-year old adventurous wine lover living in the Greater Toronto Area.

The $500,000-plus campaign by Agency59 also includes a stunt board that features a glass of wine on a table behind plexiglass with a headline that reads “So close you can taste it.”

The campaign is an evolution of last year’s successful “Drink It All In” campaign, said Hillary Dawson, president of Wine Country Ontario.

“We are building on the equity we got last year,” she said. “Our ad tracking study showed that this campaign resonated well with wine drinkers and sparked their desire to travel to wine country.”

According to Dawson, the ads had 22% recall and consumers who saw both the magazine and the outdoor ad were 75% more likely to visit wine country.

“We thought let’s not reinvent the wheel, let’s build on success,” said Dawson.

The campaign focuses mainly on wine drinkers in the GTA, but is also running on bus shelter ads in Ottawa and London as well as print ads in LCBO’sFood and Drink magazine.

WCO also just launched a scavenger hunt on Twitter encouraging consumers to find the stunt board in an undisclosed location in Toronto, take a photograph and enter a competition at #SoCloseYouCanTasteIt to win a trip to wine country, which includes transportation, winery visits, special tastings, overnight stay and meals.

“One of our key strategic objectives is tourism leadership,” said Dawson.

The campaign launched June 11 and will run for eight weeks.

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