Women’s College Hospital Foundation makes it personal with new campaign

November 01, 2012  |  Michelle DiPardo  |  Comments

Women’s College Hospital Foundation (WCHF) has launched a new campaign aimed at bringing awareness to what is working and what is not when it comes to women’s health.

Launched Tuesday, the “It’s Personal” campaign is a web-based initiative that enables women to post comments detailing what they would like to see changed about health care in Ontario.

The effort is linked to the hospital’s “The 1,000 Project,” which allows women to buy one of 1,000 squares on an interactive photo board. Once they’ve made their donation, women can upload a personal message and photograph to their square. Proceeds from “The 1,000 Project” go to help build WCHF’s new state-of-the-art facility, slated to be completed in 2015.

Comedienne and SCTV alumni Andrea Martin lent her talents to the cause, creating several YouTube videos that highlight the more humorous side of women’s health care. The videos can be viewed on the “It’s Personal” site as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

This year’s campaign continues a longer-term effort to raise $70 million for the hospital, which has already reached approximately 60% of that goal, said Arlene Madell, vice-president of marketing and communications at WCHF.

According to Madell, WCHF also wants the campaign to accomplish several things unrelated to fundraising: to give women a chance to have their voices heard, and to make the public aware that WCHF is an ambulatory hospital – meaning patients are in and out within 18 hours.

The campaign was developed by Toronto agency Entrinsic. WCHF chose Entrinsic in an effort to bring a fresh, modern perspective to the campaign and create a strong online presence

WCHF has also invested in a small banner buy, and ads will appear on some downtown streets near the hospital. The sole print ad will appear in The Globe and Mail later this month.

The campaign will run until the fundraising goal is reached.

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