Bell says it will mull TSN radio sale if CRTC stymies changes in Montreal radio

September 11, 2012  |  Canadian Press  |  Comments

Bell Media says it will look at selling TSN radio in Montreal if the CRTC shoots down changes the telecom giant wants to make at some of its radio stations in the city.

Bell is asking the CRTC to convert its English language TSN sports radio to French language RDS all sports radio.

The company says the move would better appeal to English and French listeners.

Bell says it will add more sports content to its all-talk station CJAD in Montreal to serve the English market.

Bell is before the broadcast regulator asking for approval of its $3.4-billion deal to buy Montreal’s Astral Media.

It has already told the hearing that it will divest 10 radio stations in five markets as part of the deal to buy Astral.

If the CRTC refuses the proposed changes, Bell says it will look at selling TSN radio.

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