Hinchcliffe drives on to Go Daddy homepage

July 11, 2012  |  Associate Press  |  Comments

Hinch made the homepage.

Canadian IndyCar driver James Hinchcliffe has knocked NASCAR star Danica Patrick off the GoDaddy.com homepage. Go Daddy has a longtime association with Patrick, and has featured her in many of its notorious Super Bowl ads. The 25-year-old Toronto native replaced Patrick at Andretti Autosport this season following her full-time move to NASCAR.

Both drivers are sponsored by Go Daddy, but Hinchcliffe launched a grassroots “Hinch for Homepage” campaign to replace Patrick on the company website.

Go Daddy eventually got behind the “contest,” which initially was just a Twitter campaign and a few videos Hinchcliffe made with Andretti personnel that he posted to his personal website. Go Daddy then began using the “Hinch for Homepage” theme in a national marketing campaign that featured both drivers.

The ads began airing Memorial Day weekend—in conjunction with the Indianapolis 500 and the Coca-Cola 600—and were Hinchcliffe’s first nationally televised commercials.

Hinchcliffe popped up on the homepage sometime Monday night.

“You guys did it!!! You got me on the (at)GoDaddy Homepage!” he tweeted.

“Seeing myself on the GoDaddy.com homepage definitely makes all this feel more surreal,” Hinchcliffe said Tuesday. “It’s crazy to see, but great at the same time.

“I have to thank all the people that voted, and a big thanks, too, to my awesome campaign team.”

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