Olive Media launches tablet advertising solution

January 23, 2013  |  Carly Lewis  |  Comments

Olive Media is launching a new hybrid tablet solution that could help publisher’s monetize across digital platforms within the Olive network.

Olive says the solution will “unlock desktop inventory” by making it easier for audiences to see ads on their tablets, even if those ads have been designed for desktop.

This optimization will also allow for sleeker, custom-fit creative, something Olive’s head of mobile, Deborah Hall, said is long overdue. “A lot of the challenge with tablet advertising is the reach,” she said. “Not many publications have optimized their sites for tablet. Instead of waiting for that to happen, we decided to build a rich media product that allowed us to unlock more inventory.”

Hall noted a quarter-over-quarter increase of 200% more desktop inventory now being viewed on tablet devices, but said only 2% of online ad placements “offer a meaningful advertising experience for tablets.” Olive’s new “tablet hybrid” aims to deliver readers more optimized advertising.

Olive Media marketing specialist Martine English said the product will also allow the desktop site to display an advertiser’s tablet creative (when accessed by tablet) even if the site hosting the ad is not tablet-optimized.

“What we’ve been trying to create is a canvas for advertisers,” Hall said. “Consumers are really looking to get entertained on the tablet, but opportunity to do that hasn’t existed before.”

Early adopters of the product include OMD Canada and The New York Times, which have used it to target users based on demographic and operating system.

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