RDS.ca gets an overhaul

February 07, 2013  |  Caroline Fortin  |  Comments

French-speaking sports fans discovered a new, sleeker and less cluttered RDS.ca on Wednesday. It’s the first major website revamp in 10 years for the Bell Media property.

”The new RDS.ca design has more space between content and, more over, vertical browsing that comes with lot more opportunities for take-overs and sections sponsorships,” said Martin Ceré, senior director, digital for RDS. “Big boxes, leaderboards and wing [ads] are now more effective and visible because there is less clutter than on the previous site.” The addition of more video content has also increased the sites’ pre-roll inventory, he said.

RDS and Bell’s web team, along with platform developer Atex, started from scratch with the redesign, adding elements such as a permanent page-top navigation bar and permanent social media access bar at bottom of each page. The new site also has better rich-media capabilities for advertisers.

“Launching the new RDS.ca is another major step in our strategic development and it constitutes the fulfillment of a series of commitments made by RDS,” said Patrick Jutras, vice-president, sales and marketing for RDS, in a release. “We are in a position to serve our customers and advertisers better than ever across all platforms. At the same time, this is a structural improvement that will facilitate the evolution of our offering over time.”

According to RDS, the site gets approximately one million unique visitors each month.

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