RIM rebrands app store ahead of BlackBerry 10 launch

January 21, 2013  |  Russ Martin  |  Comments

Research In Motion has rebranded its app store ahead of the Jan. 30 launch of its new BlackBerry 10 platform. The store, once called BlackBerry App World, will now be referred to as simply, BlackBerry World.

Despite the name change, the logo and font of the online storefront remain the same. The website for the store has undergone a redesign, though it still utilizes the black and white colour scheme RIM has long favoured.

BlackBerry spokesperson Alex Kinsella said the look of the new BlackBerry World storefront is in line with the branding for BlackBerry 10 but wouldn’t comment further on how the new branding will differ from BlackBerry’s previous look.

The change in title is meant to reflect the expanded mobile entertainment offering RIM is launching with BlackBerry 10. Until now, its app store only offered apps and games, but the company has been working to curate a video and music catalogue to rival Apple’s App Store offering.

At launch, there will be 20 million songs available in the BlackBerry World store. Movies and TV shows will also be available for purchase and rent, which Kinsella said is a response to consumer demand for mobile entertainment.

RIM has been working to develop partnerships with movie studios, record labels and television networks to bring new video and music content into the store. In October 2012 the company announced a partnership with the music streaming service Spotify and several additional partners are expected to be announced with the official launch of BlackBerry 10.

Imtiaz Jaffer, director of marketing at the mobile development shop Xtreme Labs, said having a single place to purchase all media is essential for mobile operating systems like BlackBerry. By keeping users seeking music and movies in its app store, RIM may be able to keep them from purchasing from rival online hubs like Amazon, Jaffer said.

Xtreme Labs is already working on several BlackBerry apps that will be released at launch time, and Jaffer said he thinks many brand clients will request that future branded apps be made for the platform.

“BlackBerry is still strong in Canada – along with other markets worldwide – with good support from the major carriers,” he said. “We’re already seeing amazing demand for BB10 experiences from our clients.”

RIM will launch a full marketing campaign after the BlackBerry 10′s debut on Jan. 30.

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