Rogers rebrands The Score as Sportsnet 360

June 04, 2013  |  Jeromy Lloyd  |  Comments

After a bit of weekend Twitter buzz, Rogers Media has officially announced the rebranding of The Score, its recently acquired sports channel, as Sportsnet 360, making good on its promise to bring the TV enterprise under Sportsnet’s umbrella branding.

The CRTC green-lighted Rogers’ $172-million acquisition of the Score in April, at which time it was announced a rebrand was in the works. The new logo is in-step with other Sportsnet branding, and was developed in-house. Sportsnet 360 will also adopt the “Fueled by Fans” strapline.

“Our cutting-edge logo and treatment will deliver a new and exciting look that represents the tone and edge of The Score combined with the strength and polish of the Sportsnet brand,” said Dean Bender, vice-president, creative at Rogers Media. “One of the most exciting opportunities with the rebrand is enhancing the ticker, which is a staple for all hard core sports fans. We are exploring new technology that will incorporate all of the terrific current ticker features, and add to it in a more dynamic fashion.”

According to a release, Rogers conducted market research and found The Score’s existing viewer base is composed of hard-core, “paint your face” sports fans that follow multiple sports.

“All of the things that viewers of The Score have come to know and love will not change,” said Scott Moore, Rogers Media’s president of broadcast. “Sportsnet 360 will continue to offer the hard core sports fan highlights, stats, and scores across the broadest range of sports, but on a much larger scale. We’ll deliver a vast breadth of premium sports content in a fast-paced, energetic and entertaining manner – and the new name, logo and animation will embody this.”

The brand’s official launch is on July 1, by which time a marketing campaign will be in-market. Expect to see a lot of cross-promotion with Sportsnet’s other properties in television, radio, online and print media.

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