Shaw and CoverGirl to offer bonus Twitter content during the People’s Choice Awards

January 07, 2014  |  Russ Martin  |  Comments

As hardware is handed out at the Peoples Choice Awards on Wednesday, CoverGirl and Shaw Media will be tweeting out bonus video content from the awards show.

Using Twitter Amplify, an ad unit that allows marketers to distribute in-tweet video clips, the Procter & Gamble beauty brand will offer the type of content consumers share amongst each other during award shows, including winners’ reactions, hosts’ jokes and other “can’t miss” moments (think Miley Cyrus dancing up on Robin Thicke or Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift).

• Understanding Ads on Twitter: Twitter Amplify

As part of the deal, Shaw properties including Global TV and ET Canada will share CoverGirl sponsored content from the awards show throughout its two-hour broadcast. The content, originating from Global TV’s Twitter account, will then be amplified by a custom targeted list created by Twitter. CoverGirl will also share the in-tweet clips via its own Twitter account.

Using its in house capabilities, Shaw will capture and cut live videos as the award show airs to deliver real-time content based on the most exciting moments and what’s trending online.

According to Errol Da-Ré, senior vice-president of sales for Shaw Media, “Shaw, P&G and Twitter will all be working from the same physical location to ensure the best moments of the night are captured and distributed accordingly.”

Da-Ré said getting the teams together that night is essential to the success of this type of initiative. “Responsiveness is key during any live event and decisions can be made in real time,” he said.

During the broadcast Cover Girl will also run TV ads on Shaw, though they will not any direct tie-ins to the tweets.

In the U.S. many brands, including Bloomberg TV, the Discovery Channel and Conde Nast, have used Twitter Amplify, but it’s a relatively new ad unit in Canada and this is the first time Shaw has used it. Shaw was the first Canadian media company to sign on to use the tool, announcing a partnership with Twitter Canada in June during its TV upfront. The ad unit requires media companies to form a “co-selling” partnership with Twitter in order to co-create and plan content for advertisers.

Last month TSN and McDonald’s Canada also used Twitter Amplify to share video highlights from the 2014 IIHF World Junior Championship. Like CoverGirl, McDonald’s enlisted TSN to share the video clips via its Twitter account and also enlisted junior hockey expert and TSN commenter Bob Mackenzie’s online presence to extend its reach.

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