SiriusXM focuses on the car despite updates to internet radio

October 02, 2012  |  Russ Martin  |  Comments

SiriusXM Canada released a series of updates to its mobile and streaming services last week but Paul Cunningham, vice-president of sales, marketing and distribution said the company’s focus is still on targeting car owners.

“Our goal is to continue to own the car,” said Cunningham, who noted the majority of new SiriusXM customers are tied to new car sales. “The car is our primary source of revenue. We feel comfortable it’s the right strategy for us,” he said.

The updates to SiriusXM’s internet radio service includes an app and access to browser-based streaming with 10 new features such as on demand programming, “start now,” which lets users go back up to five hours to listen to previously aired broadcasts and “tune start,” which plays songs from the beginning when a user tunes to the station.

Cunningham said the streaming services helps SiriusXM retain customers and stay competitive. “With the availability of our new apps and online listening service, we’re able to provide more access and control of content to our subscribers and provide service everywhere terrestrial radio and our other competitors are,” he said.

Cunningham said Sirius XM sees traditional radio as its main competition, not streaming services like Rdio or CBC Music. “Our primary competition is terrestrial radio because that’s where the majority of people in Canada consume music,” he said.

SiriusXM offers its streaming services as an add-on to its satellite offering, at a cost of $4 per month. Cunningham said the company has considered offering a stand-alone streaming service but currently has no plans to do so. “It’s something we’ve talked about but have yet to make a decision on,” he said.

Last week the company also tweaked its programming offering in its two satellite subscription packages, Sirius Premier and XM Premier. Subscribers can now purchase a “Best Of” package, which includes content from both packages, including NBA games, Oprah Radio and NFL games.

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