Vidéotron launches French-language video streaming service

February 22, 2013  |  Caroline Fortin  |  Comments

Netflix has a new competitor in Québec and Ontario. Vidéotron has announced the launch of Illico Club Unlimited, a video-on-demand service available by subscription.

While Netflix is available in Québec, one has to dig deep to find content in French even in the Canadian Movies section. Starting Feb. 23, Illico Club Unlimited will provide mainly French-language content for $9.99 per month (Netflix costs $7.99) and, like Netflix, offer a free one-month trial.

Users won’t have to be a Videotron client to subscribe, but those who are will be able to access a program catalogue directly from channel 900. The service will also be accessible through desktop computers and Android devices.

Illico Club Unlimited will offer movies and television series from local producers and distributors, with big studios such as Sony, MGM, CBS, Films Séville, TVA Films and Alliance represented as well. Radio-Canada will also contribute content.

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