Vision 7 makes content play with Chapter Two launch

February 12, 2014  |  David Brown  |  Comments

Vision7 has opened a new chapter to help tell the brand-building stories of its clients.

Chapter Two is the new Toronto-based content marketing unit for the communications network. The group will be focused on developing content programs for clients as part of V7’s media operations supporting both Cossette Media and Jungle Media, though the content creation will come from outside Chapter Two, said David Jowett, president of Vision 7 Media.

“We are not a creative agency,” said Jowett. “The content gets made elsewhere… Our job is to understand the consumer, what motivates them to behave differently towards brands and ultimately to become fans of the brands.”

Joweet said there’s been a lot of talk about storytelling and content marketing, but ultimately content is just another media channel, and Chapter Two’s mandate is to be the experts in that channel for Cossette Media and Jungle Media clients.

The unit will be run by Luc-Andre Cormier, who’s been with Cossette Media since last May as vice-president of media and content. He’ll be supported by the newly hired account director Jay Walker. And while the content can come from anyone or anywhere, Chapter Two is currently working with Montreal-based production company Trio Orange.

Chapter Two will look for new, stand-alone business opportunities separate from Cossette and Jungle, but that is not the primary motivator for opening the unit, said Jowett. “Our first and foremost concern is to help our existing clients to take advantage of another route to the consumer.”

The new division was formally announced to clients at a breakfast presentation Monday morning that saw presentations from Kirstine Stewart of Twitter, Brad Cressman from AOL, Deb Hall from Performance Content Group and Marc Rutherford from Star Content Studios, each providing insights on how content (anything from tweets to articles to video) is playing an increasingly important and effective role in modern marketing strategy.

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