8 Canadian agencies make Film Lions shortlist

June 21, 2012  |  Jeromy Lloyd  |  Comments

Film, one of the biggest competitions at the International Festival of Creativity, has released a list of finalists and Canadian agencies have made a strong showing. Taxi, John St. and BBDO Canada have all been named multiple times on the shortlist.

Taxi’s “Eye Eye” work for Telus, and its “Bobbie Bishop” work for the Hockey Hall of Fame, are both in contention.

John St. is named for its self-promoting “Catvertising” online film, which documents the Toronto agency’s “rebranding” as a cat viral video farm, and for its “Routine” for Tetley Infusions.

BBDO also has three shots at a trophy, two for it’s multi-award-winning Skittles work (this time “Dr. Cyclops” and “Werewolf baby” are the contenders), and the again for the Canadian Paralympic Committee’s “Running’ spot, which features Paralympian Alister McQueen on an oval track, running past scenes of his injury and recovery.

LG2, DDB Canada, Grip Limited, Dare Vancouver and Cundari make up the remainder of the list of 14 shots Canadian agencies have at winning a Film Lion. Here’s the breakdown

* LG2 twice, once for Krispy Kernel’s “Couch” and again for “President”
* John St. for Tetley Infusion’s “Routine” and the self-promotional “Catvertising”
* DDB Canada for Lilly Canada’s “Basement’ (Cialis)
* Cundari for BMW M1′s “Helipad”
* Grip Limited for’s “One Actor”
* Dare Vancouver for the Whistler Film Festival’s “Princess” and “Packing Up”
* Taxi for Hockey Museum’s “Bobbie Bishop” and for Telus’ “Eye Eye”
* BBDO Canada for Wrigley Canada’s “Werebaby” and “Dr. Cyclops” (Skittles) and for Canadian Paralympic Committee’s “Running”
Canadian agencies made 172 sumbissions to this competition, up from 154 in 2011, when 19 Canadian entries made this shortlist.
Only the U.S., the U.K. and Brazil submitted more Film work this year. Film Lion winners will be announced Saturday evening in Cannes during the final awards show.
To find out who wins in this and other Cannes Lions competitions, visit Marketing @ Cannes.

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