Canada Newswire revamps web site

August 24, 2011  |  Chris Powell  |  Comments

Canada Newswire [CNW] has revamped its website with the addition of multimedia displays, precise search and social media tools, and what the organization describes as “time-saving features.”

In a press release (naturally), CNW president and CEO Carolyn McGill said that the revamped site – available for preview at – is intended to make the site easier to use while providing comprehensive information for news media, brokers, analysts and other members of the country’s financial community.

McGill said that CNW clients will be able to turn a standard news release into an “enriched news release” by incorporating video, photos and graphics.

“The days of the plain text news release are gone,” said McGill. “The enriched news release delivers the video, photos and graphics that web audiences demand, all attractively displayed as a single package of content.”

A new search feature enables visitors to the site to use filters that can be saved for future use. Other tools include the ability to save news releases to a folder for later reading (a useful tool for story research) and the ability to subscribe to an automatically updating feed of new results via RSS.

CNW said that media outlets are increasingly taking a “digital-first” approach to news gathering and reporting, requiring the use of multimedia assets to provide news stories and blog posts with greater appeal for online viewing.

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