Poll: Can crisis management save Chris Brown?

November 26, 2012  |  Kristin Laird  |  Comments

Chris Brown can now add “Twitter feud” to his growing rap sheet.

The R&B entertainer was involved in a foul-mouthed Twitter exchange with female comedian and TV producer Jenny Johnson yesterday after she responded to one of his tweets.

The exchange became heated, with Brown making reference to a sex act and defecating in Johnson’s eye. He also called Johnson a “hoe.”

After Brown declared himself the “winner” of the Twitter fight, his account was closed.

Brown is no stranger to conflict or controversy. He was arrested in 2009 for physically assaulting then-girlfriend Rhianna. Two years following his arrest and subsequent counseling, Brown flung a chair through a second-storey window at ABC Studios in New York City. Last summer he got into a physical altercation (reportedly over Rhianna) with Canadian rapper, Drake.

Whether closing the Twitter account was his decision or done at the urging of his publicist, Brown has yet to comment on his rant. Is it too late? Has the damage been done? Or can Brown bounce back from this, too?

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