Google rejigs analytics tools as users change online habits

Google Analytics 360 Suite addresses the shift from 'sessions to spurts'

Google unveiled a suite of tools Tuesday that it hopes will become the Bloomberg terminal for marketing information.

The Google Analytics 360 Suite comprises six products — more robust and rebranded versions of Google Analytics Premium and Adometry, now called Google Analytics 360 and Google Attribution 360, respectively, along with Google Tag Manager 360, Google Data Studio 360, Google Optimize 360 and Google Audience Centre 360.

The company said the new suite came about as a direct result of changes it is witnessing in the digital marketing space.

“Consumer behaviour has shifted from sessions to spurts,” said Casey Carey, the director of marketing for Google Analytics. “The average website time per visit is declining, there’s a significant number of new visits, and those occur across devices as well as being sourced from multiple channels.”

Most measurement tools developed over the last 10 years were based on the assumption that one device equaled one person, and how many singular devices initiated a session, Carey said.

“What we need to do for this modern world is flip that over and look at users and look across sessions and touch points to understand the full journey,” he said. “We built the tool to really take that into account, connecting devices at the user level and connecting each of the interactions across each channel and device.”

The overall goal, he said, it helping publishers turn that potential data overload into actionable insights.

The similar cross-channel tool Adometry has also been rebuilt into Google Attribution 360 to provide optimization opportunities across all marketing channels.

Meanwhile, Google Tag Manager 360 builds on the free version currently available online, with added enterprise management capabilities. Rounding out the package is Google’s data visualization and collaboration tool, Google Data Studio 360; a new A/B testing platform highly integrated with Google analytics, Google Optimize 360; and a data management platform with native and third party integration, Google Audience Centre 360.

While Carey couldn’t provide full pricing information, he alluded to Google’s preference towards simpler, flat pricing models over less predictable, a la carte services with fees tied to metrics such as sight visits and impressions.

“Google Analytics 360, Google Attribution 360 and Google Tag Manager 360 are generally available,” said Carey. “The three new products — Audience Centre, Optimize and Data Studio — are in limited beta. Scheduling varies, but basically late Q2 is when those will become generally available.”

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