BC Hydro lights up transit shelters with experiential campaign

October 25, 2012  |  Evra Taylor  |  Comments

BC Hydro has launched a street-level media campaign in Vancouver to demonstrate the efficiency and economy of LED lighting.

Transit shelters are housing three-dimensional conceptual lighting art installations with copy such as, “Energy Star LED lighting lasts 20 times longer,” and encourages passersby to visit PowerSmart.ca.

This execution uses twenty incandescent light bulbs contrasting with the illumination from one Energy Star LED light bulb.

Smak Media & Promotions created the plugged-in shelter as part of a four-week campaign to support its client’s Power Smart Month initiatives.

“While we’re not a creative agency, we feel media should be, and can be, more creative,” said Jeff Berry, director of client relations and partner at Smak. “This is a campaign to educate the public about being smarter with their power. It came down to, ‘Let’s just do a comparison between one LED bulb and regular light bulbs and use media to demonstrate that 20-to-one ratio.’”

Berry said the number of impressions earned by the installation are “extremely positive.”

“It’s a pretty fabulous return on investment when you compare it to a static transit shelter,” he said. “The cost-per-thousand is as efficient, but this is much more powerful. The public will be hard pressed to miss this media impression.”

Smak, an integrated media agency with offices in Vancouver and Toronto, specializes in non-traditional media activations and community outreach.

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