Great Western Brewing goes head-to-head with big-name beers

September 19, 2012  |  Comments

The Saskatoon-based Great Western Brewing Company hopes that a mix of social media and humour will bring attention to its award-winning Brewhouse Light brand.

David Walker, partner at Saint Bernadine Mission Communications, the company’s agency of record, said that while the brand is getting distribution and gaining volume share in Western Canada, competitors have deep pockets and a lot of clout.

“Being a challenger brand is tough, and we have to find new ways to get people to notice us,” he said.

St. Bernadine’s has created eight short “Head to Head Challenge” videos. “The that poke fun at multinational competitors’ brand claims. The first video that launched this week tests which beer is the coldest by placing cold beers against the host’s nipples. Future videos create challenges testing smoothness, which beer goes better with fruit and which one makes the best silver bullet after being fired through a spud gun.

“This campaign was designed to pull back the curtain on all the hype and invite beer drinkers to taste for themselves and let them decide,” said Walker. “Our refreshingly honest beer platform has really resonated and engaged our fans in our key western Canada markets.”

A new video will be released every three weeks at and on YouTube and is marketed through Twitter, Instagram, e-mail, digital advertising and in-store point of sale.

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